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Production Piola Rubinetterie rosaces, douches à main et des pommes de douche, accessoires

Made in Italy









piola rubinetterie made in italy


Piola Giovanni s.a.s.

Via Vergante 57
28045 Invorio (NO) - Italia

Tel: +39 0322 259.651
Fax: +39 0322 255.449

email: info@piolarubinetterie.com
pec: piola.rubinetterie@pec.it


Our offers are made for information only and without obligation.


It means always indicated approximately. the delay in delivery never gives right to compensation or indemnity in favor of our client . The delivery will be deemed made ​​, even when we eventually assumed the obligation of goods delivered free destination , with delivery to the carrier .


On the Italian market of raw materials, shortage of labor, even partial suspension of transport, fire, strikes, extreme weather events are considered cases of force majeure. In these cases, as in any other fortuitous event or force majeure, the delivery is automatically extended for a period of time equal to the duration of the extension determining cause.


All of our items are carefully checked and tested before shipment, our guarantee remains limited to repair in our workshops or to replace those parts that are found faulty construction or material quality within three months from the date of invoice, excluding any compensation : parts or defective parts must be returned at the cost and care of our contractor to our address and they will be replaced or repaired as soon as possible for delivered ex factory: assembly of them is in charge of our contractor. That our warranty ceases when the customer did not comply with the agreed terms of payment, or tampered, repaired or the material or have not used in accordance with our instructions or authorizations; since it intends the parties expressly agreed that the buyer renounces as of now any claim or cause of damage. Under no circumstances we will be held responsible for damages or accidents that could possibly result to property or persons as a result of the use or failure of what was sold.


Are those in the list and conditions are those marked on committees or offers from us or our representatives, being subject to change, prices are binding only after our confirmation, as well as orders are taken as booking


The goods travel at risk and danger of the buyer even if it was assumed the obligation, complementary to the sales contract, the delivered carriage. The goods are not insured for damage caused by breakage or damage of transport, nor otherwise covered by insurance of any kind, if not following a formal request and on behalf and expense. And 'the contractor's obligation to check the incoming goods and to advance any claims to those of reason. The packaging is not included in the price, it comes at the cost price and under no circumstances agree to return. Not admitted claims after eight days of arrival at destination of the goods.  


Must be on the terms and conditions set out in the tender or commissions, and in any case within 90 days. after the deadlines agreed we accept authorized to charge interest without commercial need of formal notice. The provider reserves the right to suspend deliveries in case of non-payment of previous supplies. For any legal dispute is settled by the Court of Novara. data, weights and measures are indicative and not binding. We reserve the right to introduce at any time and without notice the changes that we consider necessary.


Are accepted with order placement and all conditions for exemption or not contemplated herein, will be valid only if resulting from written agreement

piola rubinetterie invorio

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piola rubinetterie invorio